Rotor turnstile ALGO-225P

Inside the turnstile it is possible to install additional equipment: video cameras; intercom or security guard call; facial recognition console "M5-ID" or other biometric readers (by hand, by finger, by iris, etc.); PIN entry device, intercom; radiation monitor; explosives detector "Chub". The turnstile of ALGO-225P is a dual modification of the turnstile of ALGO-215P. The passage is controlled in automatic mode by commands of the access control system and / or manually from the control panel of turnstile. The turnstile of ALGO-225P can be supplied without locking function and weighing platform (version ALGO-225). The turnstile is designed to work both indoors and outdoors under a canopy
Turnstile throughput: - 16 people / min. with locking - 40 people / min. without locking Ambient temperature: -20º C to + 50º C. Mean time to failure: at least 10,000 hours. Product weight: 610 kg. Overall dimensions of the product: - height: 2267 mm; - width: 2300 mm; - depth: 1471 mm. Passage width: 600 mm. Operation term: 10 years.