The "M5" system is intended for integration into a single complex of functional engineering security systems (life support) and automated solution of tasks of management of the protection and life-support processes of objects.

ACS TP "M5" is a distributed hardware and software complex and consists of automation systems of control points connected by a computer network. Each system is a complete functional product and consists of servers, control processors, automated workstations, network equipment, general and special software.

Algont Video
ALGONT VIDEO is an intelligent digital video surveillance system, which works as a part of M5 platform being tightly integrated with its components or can be used standalone.
DOSMO (Under Vehicle Inspection System)
DOSMO is an Under vehicle inspection system developed and produced by ALGONT. Based on innovative technologies and protected software, DOSMO allows you to detect the presence of dangerous objects such as weapons, drugs and explosives attached to vehicle underbody. In addition DOSMO may be used to check vehicle underbody condition for defects, dirt and disturbance of structural integrity.

Facial Identification System


3D recognition console:

3D console can be easily added to any checkpoint as an additional or primary mean of identification. Recognition time:

  • in the identification mode - less than 1 second when there are 100 000 users in database;
  • in verification mode - less than 0.1 second regardless of the number of users.

Number of users is not limited by system architecture!
System can be easily scaled by connecting additional recognition servers or increasing their computing power. This allows you to use the system at large sites which require minimal passage time for thousands of employees.

ALGONT offers ALGO-425 series controllers as the basis for the construction of industrial-grade access control system. All controllers are developed and produced in ALGONT 

  • Autonomous non-volatile memory for 100 000 events and 70 000 access cards;
  • Work with mantraps, turnstiles, doors, architectural gateways, etc. ;
  • Work under server management or autonomously if server goes offline. Full events synchronization once server goes back online;
  • Reliable software - proven on hundreds of critical facilities;
  • Ability to work with biometrics, code-entry devices and weighing platform.

Mounting Cabinets (M5-MO)

"M5-MO" is intended for use in access control systems (ACS) and security alarm systems (SOS). The product is structurally an enclosure, in which are located:

The ALGO-425 backbone controller is a central processing unit with 3 mB of memory for storing 130 thousand events and 130 thousand users; For communication with the computer, the CAN interface is used, up to 32 controllers can be connected in one interface line; on the other CAN interface to the ALGO-425 controller are connected controllers ALGO-427 and ALGO-429;

Controller SOS ALGO-427 - is designed to connect 16 inputs of alarm loops (ADC with opto-isolation) and 16 open collector and dry contact relays for connecting actuators;

The controller of ACS ALGO-429 - provides operation of 4 door sets consisting of: reader, door position sensor, crossbar position sensor, exit request button, control relay of the locking device; the controller can control doors, sluice cabins, turnstiles (including sluices); biometric identifiers, codecs, weight terminals, metal detectors, radiation monitors can be connected to the controller;

Uninterruptable power source.

There are several product versions, with different combinations of controllers ALGO-427 and ALGO-429 (from 1 to 3), there is also a product version for mounting in a standard 19-inch rack.

In order to reduce the cost of the solution, a scheme can be used when up to 32 ALGO-429 or ALGO-427 controllers are connected to one ALGO-425 controller.

Blocking devices
Additional equipment
Perimeter security
The ALGONT perimeter security complex is designed to provide protection for long-range perimeters.
The complex consists of two central blocks (CBU) "ALGO-521" and perimeter blocks (BP) "ALGO-511". The CBU stores and collects information coming from the UPS, as well as the management of terminal technical means of perimeter protection.
ЖД-Досмотр – автоматизированная досмотровая система обнаружения сканирующего типа с большой пропускной способностью. Система ЖД-Досмотр предназначена для решения следующих задач:

  • Автоматическое распознавание серии и бортового номера, досматриваемого железнодорожного транспортного средства при подъезде его к досмотровому блоку;
  • Автоматическое сканирование и запись в базу данных изображений локомотива и вагонов, изображения днища железнодорожного транспортного средства в движении с последующим предоставлением полученной информации на автоматизированное рабочее место с указанием подозрительных областей;
  • Вывод изображения с масштабированием для анализа его оператором;
  • Автоматическое определение типа вагона и сравнение изображения с шаблоном его проекта;
  • Выявление посторонних предметов (анализ отличий актуального изображения от эталонного);
  • Обработка и хранение изображений и информации о проездах ЖД составов.
Life-support and automatics
This ALGONT solution provides control over life-support, industrial automatics, technology process and other automated systems in accordance with pre-configured algorithms and monitors equipment condition.


System maintains detailed logging of changes in equipment status, analyzes technical condition and warns responsible staff in advance about a necessity to perform maintenance or repair of equipment. It also supports decision making in case of emergency. VERSATILITY The system can control and collect data on the equipment of different purpose from life support to production processes at industrial facilities. Equipment algorithms configuration is very flexible and can be adjusted to solve almost any task.


This system meets the most stringent requirements for fault tolerance by enabling multiple backup of all its components. Equipment can be quickly repaired by replacing easily removable standard elements.


Flexible authority settings for operators. It enables for them an opportunity to ineract with only the parts of the complex for which they are responsible. This prevents unauthorized access to the system control.