Turnstile ALGO-213P

The weight mechanism is made on 4 strain gauges, which provides the necessary measurement accuracy. Not only the person passing through the gateway is weighed, but also the rotor together with the turnstile fence. Inside the turnstile there is a code set combined with an intercom. In addition, the turnstile can be equipped with the “Chub” explosives detector manufactured by CJSC “ALGONT” integrated into the code set. Instead of a kodonaborno device (or in addition to it), a biometric reader can be installed in the face of the ASSAD-ID produced by ZAO ALGONT or other biometric readers (by hand, finger, iris, etc.). The base of the turnstile allows, if necessary, not to fix the turnstile rigidly to the floor, which allows placing the turnstile in a temporary place. Control of the passage is carried out automatically by the commands of the access control and manually from the control panel turnstile. The turnstile of ALGO-213P can be supplied without a weighing platform. There is a performance of the turnstile without the locking function - ALGO-213. The turnstile without a weighing platform (with locking and without) can be operated in outdoor conditions, with a weighing platform - in unheated premises.
  • capacity of the turnstile: 8 people per minute with locking, 20 people per minute without locking;
  • ambient temperature: from 0 ° C to + 50 ° C;
  • mean time to failure, including: not less than 10,000;
  • average service life including restoration work, days: no less than 3652;
  • Service life: 10 years.