Rotor turnstile ALGO-215P

Permitted passage of only one person at a time is controlled by weighing platform built in turnstile base. The weighing platform includes 4 strain sensors, which provide required measurement accuracy. Protection from «hanging on rotor» vulnerability is implemented with anadditional strain sensor for weighing the rotor. Electric rotor drive turns on when the passage starts and continues to spin in the direction ofpassage until the turnstile achieves initial (closed) position.


  • CCTV cameras;
  • ALGO-429MP Access controller;
  • Intercom;
  • APCS-ID recognition console or other biometric readers (hand, fingerprint, iris, etc.);
  • Code entry device;
  • Explosives detector. Passage control can be performed in automatic mode via commands from Access Control System and/or manually from remote controller on the operator’s desk.

Version of this turnstile without sluice function and weighing platform can be supplied. Turnstile is designed for use indoors or in the open air under a canopy.


  • Turnstile throughput: 8 persons per minute with sluice function, 20 persons per minute without sluice function;
  • Ambient temperature: from -20º С to +50º С;
  • Mean time before failure, h,: minimum 100000;
  • Service life: 10 years.