Perimeter security

The software of the central unit supports the work with the graphic plans of the object, the unification of the perimeter security equipment connected to different perimeter blocks for arming and disarming.

The complex is easy to integrate with top-level systems over TCP / IP protocol.

The design of perimeter blocks (metal enclosures with IP65 degree of protection) provides high levels of protection of the product, the units are equipped with an unauthorized opening tamper sensor.

  • System can work as a part of M5 platform or standalone; 
  • Signal delivery time to the hardware server is up to 0.5 seconds even if all the sensors of 32km perimeter are alarmed; 
  • Each hardware server can poll a chain of 32 perimeter units connected to each other via RS-485 interface (maximum segment length is 1 km). Signal delay at each controller in chain is up to 1 ms; 
  • Communication lines, servers, workstations, network equipment - all units can be backed up; 
  • Cascading systems via Ethernet interface (equipping perimeters of any length).


  • Perimeter units operating temperature is from -50 to +85°С without forced heating or cooling;
  • Lightning protection;
  • Galvanic isolation.