Mounting Cabinets (M5-MO)

The essential advantage of M5-MO is the use of the CAN interface for exchange both with the computer and with the controllers ALGO-427 and ALGO-429, which are part of the product. The application of the CAN interface provides:

  • No need for continuous sequential polling (device polling) - the device transmits the information immediately, if necessary, without waiting until it reaches the queue for successive interrogation; The CAN interface provides hardware capture of the bus, as in Ethernet;

  • High speed of information transmission - up to 500 kBit;

  • Guaranteed hardware package delivery during transmission - at the hardware level checksum checks are performed and, if necessary, packets are re-shipped;

  • Support for arbitration hardware capture of a bus - a message with a higher priority (for example, an alarm) can interrupt the transmission of a message with a lower priority;

  • Transmission of the signal without amplification for a distance of up to 10 km on the same communication lines as the RS-485 interface (via twisted pair).

There are several product versions, with different combinations of controllers ALGO-427 and ALGO-429 (from 1 to 3), there is also a product version for mounting in a standard 19-inch rack.

 In order to reduce the cost of the solution, a scheme can be applied when up to thirty two ALGO-429 or ALGO-427 controllers are connected to one ALGO-425 controller.