ALGO-429MP Standalone Access controller

The product provides the following functions:
  1. control of unauthorized opening of the product case;
  2. reception of data from the voltage sensor on the transition to backup power;
  3. storage of information on access modes and events;
The product provides the following access control functions:
  • Support for four door kits with one-way access control, or two door kits with two-way access control, or one gateway;
  • control access on the map or on the map and pin-code;
  • access control over a time interval;
  • logging of alarm events and events about passes with fixing the time of occurrence of events;
  • maintaining and maintaining a database;
  • issuing a signal to close the door if there is no passage after the timeout, the time-out value is set when the system is configured.

A product in a centralized management system provides
the following functions:
  • exchange of information through the communication link between the product and the means of centralized control, incl. configuration of the product;
  • Preservation of data in the system memory when communication lines are broken with centralized control, power-off and when switching to backup power;
  • monitoring of communication lines between product controllers.

For communication of products between each other and with the PC, a CAN interface is used.
Access controller ALGO-429MP provides:

  • connection of up to four door sets consisting of: card code reader (Wiegand 26, 33, Led-R, Led-G control), door position sensor, exit request button, electromagnetic lock or latch (dry contact output).
  • When doors with two-way access restrictions are used (readers are installed on both sides of the door), the number of connected door kits is two.
  • work with additional devices via the RS-485 interface (codepoint, ACCaD-ID console, etc.);
  • work with additional devices on the interface RS-232 (weight terminal).
  • The power is supplied from a single-phase electrical network with a voltage of 220 V, a frequency of 50 Hz, with voltage fluctuations from 187 to 242 V and a frequency of 49 to 51 Hz. The current consumed by the product at a supply voltage of 220 V is not more than 0.5 A.

The storage time of the database of users and events in the absence of main and backup supply voltage is not less than one month.
Filling and updating of the product database is carried out by means of a PC in an automated mode using application software that allows you to increase the number of products using a common database.

Operating conditions of the product:
  • Operating temperature from 278 to 313K (from plus 5 to plus 40°C);
  • Limit temperature from 223 to 323K (from minus 50 to plus 50°C);
  • Relative humidity of 80% at a temperature of 298K (25°C);
  • sinusoidal vibration from 5 to 200 Hz with acceleration of 2 g;
  • mechanical shocks of multiple action with a peak shock acceleration of 10 g with a pulse duration of 5 to 10 ms.