ALGO-427M Alarm controller

The ALGO-427M controller provides data reception from 16 detection devices with a dry contact output and data transmission on the state of the detection means and o loop state (Norm, Active, Break and Short circuit); the ALGO-427M controller has two relay outputs for control of the actuators and 16 outputs of the "open collector" type. The output subunit of SDV-8 connected to the ALGO-427M controller provides control of eight control devices via relay outputs.

  • Supports 16 alarm inputs (sensors) and 16 relay outputs («open collector» or «dry contact» types) to connect actuators;
  • Uses CAN bus to connect controller to server and to other controllers. Several (up to 8) controllers can be connected to a single CAN bus chain using only one communication line to hardware server. It greatly reduces installation and maintenance costs. Number of CAN-bus lines is not limited by system architecture, so you can fully equip very large sites.