ALGO-425M Host controller

The ALGO-425 backbone controller is a central processing unit with 3 mB of memory for storing 130 thousand events and 130 thousand users; For communication with the computer, the CAN interface is used, up to 32 controllers can be connected in one interface line; The controllers ALGO-427 and ALGO-429 are connected via another CAN interface to the ALGO-425 controller.
Processor type: FujitsuMB90F
The amount of RAM: is 3000 KB, non-volatile
Supply voltage: 11..15V
Consumption current: 200 mA (at 12V)

Communication interface with CAN 2.0 control computer (opto-isolation)
Communication interface with controllers ALGO-427M and ALGO-429M CAN 2.0 (opto-isolation)

Number of interfaces: RS-485 RS-485 (opto-isolation) * 2pcs.
Programming interface: RS-232C
Signal transfer to backup power: Yes