ALGO-425M Host controller
The ALGO-425M controller is designed to provide software and hardware support for the operation of the access control system both to the territory of the enterprise and to the premises, as well as to collect information from the fire alarm and control system of various executive devices: sirens,

Each ALGO-425 controller can be connected to a group of subordinate controllers ALGO-427 and ALGO-429. However, for objects of the highest category of responsibility, depending on the problem being solved, three versions of the product's structural design are used, as far as the complete set of controllers is installed in one enclosure with an uninterruptible power supply:

An essential advantage of the new architecture is the use of the CAN interface for exchange both between the central equipment of the system and the ALGO-425 controllers, and between the ALGO-425 controllers and the slave ALGO-427 and ALGO-429 controllers. The CAN interface does not have the drawbacks inherent in serial interfaces used in most controllers of the same purpose. So, for example, the most common type of RS-485 interface involves the constant interrogation of one device by all other devices. At the same time, the overwhelming part of the transmitted data does not carry useful information, but only confirms that the device is in communication, but has no data to transmit to the system. In the case of the CAN interface, each device transmits data to the system as soon as it becomes necessary, without waiting until it reaches the queue in a sequential poll.
ALGO-427M Alarm controller
ALGO-427 controller is a reliable solution that is capable to perform a number of tasks on building security alarm and fire supression systems.
ALGO-429M Access controller
Controller ALGO-429M is designed to control and control access. Each ALGO-429M controller is able to monitor 4 door sets consisting of a door position sensor, a bolt position sensor, an exit request button, and a lock control relay.
ALGO-429MP Standalone Access controller
Access Controller ALGO-429MP is designed to control two door kits or four half-sets, as well as turnstiles, lock cabs and tambour gateways. In general, the half-kit includes: a card reader, an electromagnetic lock, a lock bolt position sensor, a door position sensor, and an exit request button. Possible arbitrary grouping of four readers into door kits and half-sets. Only one gateway can be connected to one controller.

 The access controller ALGO-429MP operates under the control of a PC. The control channel is implemented via the CAN line.