Lighting support

One of the main advantages of this product is the convenience of transportation, installation and further maintenance during operation. The support is made in the form of a composite metal structure, consisting of two main sections: the lower recessed section (steel hollow cylindrical structure) and the upper overhead tilting section (steel hollow octagonal cone shape). For convenience of transportation the supports are delivered in disassembled form. The lower and upper sections, as well as the hinged elements, are assembled at the site of installation and commissioning. The weight of the upper section does not exceed 60 kg.

The upper section is a removable part of the support and has a swivel connection for tilting. The design of this section allows for the installation of attachments, maintenance and replacement of lamps in lighting devices without the use of specialized construction hoists and stairs. To keep the top section in a tilted position there is a special device. Lifting and lowering of the upper section of the support is recommended to be done with the help of a special device for mounting the supports.
The support is designed for operating conditions:
  • by temperature - up to minus 40°С;
  • for resistance to aggressive environments - for operation in non-aggressive, slightly aggressive and medium-aggressive air environments (anticorrosion coating: zinc).
The service life of the product is 10 years.