Algont Video

Working as a part of M5 platform, ALGONT VIDEO provides instant reaction to events of all other subsystems. You can link together PTZ camera movement, video recording, alert on the operator dashboard with eny event of other M5 system: access control, fire alarm, perimeter security sensors, etc.

  • HIGH LEVEL OF DATA PROTECTION System is based on protected system and special software that allows you to process secret data.
  • SCALABILITY Several cameras or thousands? You can build a system to control the situation at the site of any scale.
  • NTELLECTUAL SEARCH Smart search engine will provide you needed information ASAP.
  • POWERFUL ANALYTICS Motion, smoke, fire and sabotage detection, facial and number plate recognition, automatic tracking of objects and other features greatly accelerate work of operators and allow operating to be more efficient. 
  • FAILSAFE DISTRIBUTED STRUCTURE  Separate services are responsible for each function of the system; Connected services are distributed through network. Failure of one of them does not affect the performance of entire system.

Number of servers in distributed system: Unlimited 
Number of network video-recorders: Unlimited  
Number of analytics servers: Unlimited  
Number of operator workstations: Unlimited  
Number of connected cameras: Unlimited  
PTZ cameras support: Yes
IP equipment support:Onvif Profile S, RTSP 
Analog cameras support: via network video-coders
Video compression algorithms: MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 
Audio compression algorithms: G.711, G.726, AAC  
Image resolution: Any supported by camera 
Built-in analytics in camera support:Yes 
Touchscreen support:Yes
Built-in means of data protection:Yes(Astra Linux SE)  
Integration: ALGONT М5, open integration interface based on web-services 
Supported languages: Russian, English, Arabic