Software development

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The development of software products is one of the priority activities for 28 years of the enterprise's existence. ALGONT is one of the first Russian developers of software for integrated security and life support facilities of the highest category of responsibility, which is not inferior, and in some cases, superior to similar foreign products. Our company performs a full range of works related to the design and development of software for any function.

Developments are carried out using the latest technologies in the field of software development, which make our software products universal, scalable, high-performance, reliable, easy to maintain and provide a high degree of information security.

We develop software products for access control systems, perimeter security systems, biometric systems, accounting systems and control of routine maintenance, automation systems, situation-crisis centers. The Automated System for Controlling the Processes of Safety and Life Support "M5" ensures the integration of all the above-mentioned systems into a single information space and operates in the environment of Russian protected system-wide software.