Development of equipment and physical protection

Hardware.pngALGONT CJSC constantly works to create new more sophisticated physical protection equipment in order to fully solve the problems of equipping with special equipment necessary for the functioning of security systems, objects under construction and reconstructed.

The considerable engineering and technical potential of our enterprise allows to offer on the market products of own development and manufacture, and their assortment is permanently updated. ALGONT develops and manufactures:

  • the equipment of control systems;

  • blocking devices;

  • equipment of inspection complexes;

  • equipment for accounting and control of routine maintenance;

  • perimeter protection equipment

To carry out the development and preparation of the production of new products and systems, the enterprise has a specialized structural unit: the design and technology department. In accordance with the Quality Management System functioning in ALGONT all technical documentation is developed in accordance with the current standards with the use of modern computer technologies. The equipment developed by ALGONT is most efficiently functioning as part of the hardware-software complexes that we offer, initially focused on work under the control of our own software.