Pre-design work
For successful and competent construction of a object protection complex system, it is necessary to study all risk factors and possible combinations thereof. Such an assessment determines the concept of building an object protection system and is fundamental when choosing design solutions and applied technical means. 
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Design work
For successful and competent construction of a comprehensive system of object protection, it is necessary to study all risk factors and possible combinations thereof.
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Research and Design
JSC ALGONT regularly performs research and development work both on state contracts and on a commercial basis in the interests of customers.
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Software development
  • of automated control systems for technological processes of safety and life support;
  • of automation systems;
  • of situational and crisis centers;
  • Integration with technical means and control systems of various manufacturers and any functional purpose.

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Development of equipment and physical protection
ALGONT CJSC constantly works to create new more sophisticated physical protection equipment in order to fully solve the problems of equipping with special equipment necessary for the functioning of security systems, objects under construction and reconstructed.
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Manufacturing and delivery of equipment to the facility
JSC "ALGONT" provides a full range of services for the supply of equipment and software, both for in-house production and for production installed according to the specifications of the Customers.
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Installation and commissioning. Warranty service
ALGONT provides the installation and commissioning of hardware and physical protection software.
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Technical support, service and training of personnel
Throughout the entire period of its activity, ALGONT CJSC maintains close relations with enterprises and organizations operating our security systems, as well as with potential consumers. The company has developed a practice of post-warranty service, technical support and professional advice on security and antiterrorism security.
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