Typical checkpoint equipment

Records management

The information on the crossing of personnel by the entrance company can be used to calculate time sheets. ALGONT in its complexes has traditionally a strong time sheets calculation part, since the first versions of the calculation algorithms were developed in 1991. These algorithms were improved, accumulating the experience of implementing automated systems in customers in a wide variety of industries.
As a result, the timekeeping in the complexes of ALGONT supports different types of working hours including the shifts. These are additional conditions, as: "evening", "night" hours and other signs. These are flexibly configurable reports with the ability to select settlement columns, personnel filters, select the reporting period, etc. This exports the received reports to other software complexes. To simplify the work, the complexes support the creation of so-called report templates. The choice of such a template with just one action determines those numerous parameters on the basis of which the calculations will be made. In addition, in the complexes there are mechanisms for automatic generation of reports on a pre-set schedule

Ensuring labor discipline

Automated walk-through - an operative source of information about the situation in the part of labor discipline, since all the necessary data are available in real time.

The automated system is devoid of subjectivity, it reflects the situation as it is.

As practice shows, after the introduction of automated pass-through labor discipline significantly improves, and the company is quickly and legally released from the "ballast" in the face of truants and other violators. Thus, the introduction of the complex makes it possible to obtain an economic effect and pay back the costs of implementation.