Access control equipment of regime enterprise

A particularly important zone (premises for storage of radioactive substances, weapons of mass destruction) can be equipped with additional means of bioidentification, sluice cabins, which prevent unauthorized access of personnel to these premises.
In addition, the system implemented numerous special modes ("boundary control", "passage with confirmation", "access rule", "number of those present") - created in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Defense and Rosatom. These special modes are essentially implementations of hardware-software algorithms to provide access to premises of special importance.

The external perimeter of the enterprise is protected with the help of the security subsystem of the perimeter and CCTV cameras operating as part of the ALGONT Video surveillance system. All these subsystems are united under the unified start of the automated process control system M5, which organizes their integration and interaction with the access control system and the security subsystem.

Entrance to the enterprise is organized with the help of sluice cabs ALGO-322 or rotor turnstiles ALGO-225, which have high capacity and allowing using the biometric system to organize the verification of the identity of the employee by three factors. For example: a contactless card, a three-dimensional image of a person's individual PIN-code.