Perimeter monitoring

The hardware street part of the system is built on the basis of the ALGO-511 controllers, which are united into a single circuit (up to 32 devices) using the RS-485 interface, using hardware signal repeaters based on the Daisy Chain principle.

This solution has made it possible to achieve an industry-record speed of response to an alarm event, which, even in the worst case (with the maximum chain length and simultaneous operation of all sensors) does not exceed 0.5 seconds.

To ensure perimeter security, the ALGO-511 controller is equipped with a wide range of third-party sensors: vibration sensors and sub-pass sensors, radar, optical and other types of sensors that give a "dry contact" type signal at the output.

The system allows you to reserve servers, network equipment, modems and communication lines, detects an open and short in the sensor circuit. This is one of the few such systems that keeps working capacity even with a short circuit of one of the modem communication lines.