Access control equipment of regime enterprise
One of the main activities of ALGONT is complex equipment of security systems of especially important facilities (military, nuclear facilities, chemical industry). At the same time, an approach is used where the security system is viewed as a set of different functional zones, each of which has different levels of access, secrecy, and the likelihood of an unauthorized passage.
Perimeter monitoring
At the heart of the perimeter protection system offered by ALGONT is the ALGONT-P complex, designed to guard perimeters of unlimited length.

Based on M5 ACS, the system integrates with the ALGONT-Video video surveillance subsystem, thus allowing to tie together signals from security sensors, triggering alarm reactions and video system reactions.

Due to the scalability and backup capabilities of M5, it is possible to create reliable perimeter protection complexes, practically unlimited in length.
Typical checkpoint equipment
Automated walk-through at the enterprise is the first line of protection of the facility.

As a rule, human and transport checkpoints are equipped with automated walk-through.
Automated walk-through - this is one of the subsystems of the M5 platform.

 In general, automated walk-throughs can consist of a wide variety of blocking equipment, control panels, emergency and auxiliary equipment workstations, such as radiation monitors, metal detectors, and the like. At human checkpoints, depending on the level of the regime of the enterprise, the blocking equipment is applied, starting from the belt turnstiles to the sluice booths. Identification of passing takes place, in the most simple cases, on an electronic card-pass. The checkpoints of especially sensitive enterprises are equipped with biometric identification devices.

ALGONT produces the whole range of blocking equipment. Manual control of the state of automated walk-through is carried out from control panels or from an automated workplace. At the same time, the workstation displays photographs of personnel crossing the gateway. Transport checkpoints, in addition to identification equipment for personnel and vehicles, are equipped with electrically-controlled barriers, gates and anti-trolleys. The M5 algorithms are supporting organization of transport gateways.