About Algont

Алгонт фасадALGONT established in 1989. Since its formation, the company has been running a successfull business in the area of engineering, production and deployment of automated control systems and intelligent security systems, ensuring comprehensive security of facilities of any level of sophistication and responsibility.

The company’s strong team of qualified professionals pursues to continuously upgrade security technologies and bring on the best practices along with conducting research and development work.

Our primary areas of business are:

  • Development of automated control systems for technological processes, intelligent systems and technical means;

  • Software development and design of automated security solutions, including integrated physical security systems.

  • Hardware engineering and technologies for security systems (intelligent electronic devices, access control and security barriers, etc.

  • Project engineering of integrated security systems, from front-end to detail design.

  • Equipment manufacturing at own production facilities.

CJSC ALGONT offers a full scope of production process, starting from early project survey, front-end engineering, vulnerability analysis, equipment manufacturing, software development, shipping and assembling, system integration, startup and adjustment, personal training, warranty and postproduction service along with free consulting for the product lifetime.

CJSC ALGONT has effective system of quality management in place properly certified to ISO 9001:2008 and complying with GOST PB 15.002-2003.

In 2005, the research and development works associated with developing of an integrated physical protection systems’ new generation were performed within State order. As a result a hardware and software complex for common information management platform was developed for integrated systems of physical protection of critical facilities of Ministry of Defence of Russia. The system meets requirements of regulatory documents on data protection in military automated systems. The system is certified in accordance with information security requirements.

In 2006, «Integrated Security Hardware System «APCS-M5» – a new integrated physical protection system was produced, its development summarized all available experience and results of many years of «Integrated Security Hardware System «APCS32» system service.

CJSC ALGONT has all necessary licenses for its operations and constantly works on product certification.