The period of validity of certificates of conformity No. 1215 and No. 1868 for information security requirements at the PPP "Assad32" and SPO "Assad-M5" ends

In July 2018, expiration dates for certificates of compliance with the information security requirements of the 1999 WFD of Minatom - No. 1868 SPO "ASSAD-M5" (issued 03.07.2009, extended to 03.07.2018) and No. 1215 PPP "ASSAD 32" expire (issued 05/07/2006, extended to 07/05/2018).
In February 2018, CJSC "ALGONT" sent to the testing laboratory of FSUE "SCC Rosatom" applications for inspection control, with the aim of extending the validity of these certificates.
From FSUE “SKTs of Rosatom” a response was received that due to the abolition of the governing documents for which compliance certificates No. 1215 and No. 1868 were issued, it was not expedient to extend the validity periods of the said certificates for mass production. It is recommended for enterprises where these products are used to independently extend the validity of conformity certificates under a simplified scheme for specific product instances. The order of work is set out in the information message of the FSTEC of Russia dated January 23, 2015 No. 240/24/223.
CJSC “ALGONT” is ready to provide the necessary technical assistance during the work on the extension of the validity of certificates of conformity and guarantees technical support to SPO ASSAD-M5 and PPP ASSASS-32 for the entire duration of the certificates of conformity.
We also propose to consider the issue of planning works on upgrading the used product copies to the version of the ASSAD-M5 SPO, which has the certificate of conformity No. 3847 (issued on 12/18/2017, valid on 12/12/2020) according to the requirements of the State Atomic Energy Corporation nuclear facilities. Automated systems of physical protection. Protection of information from unauthorized access. Information Security Requirements ”(agreed by the FSTEC of Russia of 30.05.2011 No. 240/2/2185).
Work on modernization will not require significant time and money, because will consist only in the replacement of the operating system and the update of the ASSAD-M5 SPO. Controller replacement is not required. For ACP “ASSADD32”, it may be additionally necessary to replace computer equipment.